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10 Emini SP points Called live at the Opening Bells during morning market coverage

Tueday, May 26nd

See Ace Students Comments Below
From The Live Market Session

07:49:51 {GDay_LB_} John - Ace said on Friday market will rally, well it did, 60 points since !!! 
08:02:58 {I6_Owen} John, welcome to a life-changing experience. 
09:05:55 {GDay_LB_} es key  +8points
09:20:40 {Northy} 4 points on GC (gold market)
09:32:20 {X_sprout44} 10 more ticks NG (natural gas)
09:35:23 {KC} Day 1: 5 ES points  Yay!
09:35:24 {GDay_LB_} ES +8points 
09:36:17 {L6_Russell} ES 5 points down
09:36:34 {Mr_Texas} 400 on russell
09:37:16 {GDay_LB_} 21 points today so far
09:37:17 {J6_Harold} 10 point ES 
09:37:24 {MyThai} 9 points
09:38:43 {Dr_Dale} 9 points one contract
09:38:47 {J6_Harold} AND STLL LEARNING
09:41:26 {1KenF} Been here for 9 years plus, still want to hear Ace's voice.

15 Emini SP Points Available
During Live Market Coverage

Friday, May 22nd

See Ace Students Comments Below
From The Live Market Session

07:53:19 {x_timt109} took 6 points.  nice

07:55:53 {X_Leib} 8 points

07:57:38 {Scott} Straight on /ES this morning on the key this morning (5 points)

07:59:46 {mr_earl} did it again    4 points    makes me happy

08:23:30 {Scott} another 5 points 

08:23:34 {Paul_R} had a royal on key earlier  and a straight  (15 points total) done for the day  had a rough day yesterday  my fault  but good now

09:33:05 {K6_Boots} thank you for the straight (5 points)

09:35:08 {Scott} 12 points this morning overall 

09:37:51 {Chuck} Ace straight! (5 points) Thanks Ace!

09:38:09 {Ed} 16 points already thanks Ace

09:38:45 {Northy} 15! points

09:49:20 {GDay_LB_} 15 points for the today, thank you ace, have a good one.

15 Emini SP Points Available in the first hour and half already this morning

Thursday, May 21st

See Ace Students Comments Below
From The Live Market Session

07:54:20 {A7_Billy} Ace thats perfection

07:59:09 {GDay_LB_} ES +5 points

08:08:17 {CDH} First trade here and got 1.75 points.

08:09:39 {J6_Jays} Thanks Ace , I got 5.5 es points

08:32:54 {A7_manbeast} 4 points 2 lot es this am (emini S&P)

08:34:22 {Tayls} dipped my toes +15 YM sells (dow jones)

08:34:27 {Tayls} 2 contracts

08:51:47 {mr_earl} finally dipped my toes. 4 points

09:00:23 {J6_Harold} Make more money in the micro per month than I do after 25 years of service in the ARMY thanks ACE 

Your First Live Trading Signal of the Day
(5 Emini Sp Points)

Tuesday, May 19th

See Ace Students Comments Below
From The Live Market Session

08:04:46 {A7_manbeast} 4 points on 2 lot es

08:06:49 {G6_pope} 4 points RTY (russel)

08:07:14 {X_UNK_D} Ace Straight nailed with runners (5 points)

08:07:32 {x_timt109} took 5 points from es here.

08:07:49 {I6_Owen} got  4

09:01:46 {Carl_P} grabbed $220 on NG, thank you (natural gas)

10:00:59 {X_UNK_D} Gents , I had probably lost over 75K over my lifetime before finding Ace..

10:03:19 {X_UNK_D} now I retire an the end of this year from my regular job at the ripe age of 55 and I would have not been able to do this without God Blessing me with Ace and his methodology

Your First Live Trading Signal of the Day
(5 Emini Sp Points)

Tuesday, May 19th

See Ace Students Comments Below
From The Live Market Session

08:04:46 {A7_manbeast} 4 points on 2 lot es

08:06:49 {G6_pope} 4 points RTY (russel)

08:07:14 {X_UNK_D} Ace Straight nailed with runners (5 points)

08:07:32 {x_timt109} took 5 points from es here.

08:07:49 {I6_Owen} got  4

09:01:46 {Carl_P} grabbed $220 on NG, thank you (natural gas)

10:00:59 {X_UNK_D} Gents , I had probably lost over 75K over my lifetime before finding Ace..

10:03:19 {X_UNK_D} now I retire an the end of this year from my regular job at the ripe age of 55 and I would have not been able to do this without God Blessing me with Ace and his methodology

  25 Emini SP Points Called
During Live Market Coverage

Thursday, May 14th

See Ace Students Comments Below
From The Live Market Session

07:44:41 {L6_b52} Making $ this morning Ace. Thanks!

07:49:58 {I6_Owen} 4 points in two trades today already.  

07:56:26 {I6_Owen} Ok, I admit it. The other day I took a free trading room session in one of the "indicator" operations, just to see. Between speed lines, fibonacci, regressions, and about a hundred other blahblahblahs, I couldn't stand it another minute. The Ace keys do much more with so much less risk, and so much more simplicity. We're all really lucky to be here.

07:58:08 {Rich} Made over 3points! First trade ever! I'm greener then green!

07:58:09 {Northy} 1st trade in the room: 3 points! Awesome stuff Ace!

08:21:38 {Paul_R} owen sounds like you might have entered the death by 1000 indicaters room they will sell you thousands in indicaters that are AFTER THE FACT TOOLS BULLcrap stick with this room

08:22:57 {Paul_R} I dont mention money very often but I have made over 50K since in here

  30 Emini SP Points Called
During Live Market Coverage

Wednesday, May 13th

See Ace Students Comments Below
From The Live Market Session

07:40:57 {jb_j6} I shouldn't be but still am amazed every time
07:42:44 {jb_j6} good and getting better thanks to the ACE keys and I am still learning.
08:10:09 {X_UNK_D} Ace straight off (5 points)
08:10:09 {zishan} got my 4 points.. 
08:19:09 {G6_RM1} Ace straight bagged (5 points)
08:24:53 {X_Rob} That's all you do Ace called live everyday!
08:41:36 {G6_Shane} 7 points and flat
09:00:50 {GDay_LB_} es +5pts
09:03:01 {Gman} 1st trade day after 30 days of trainng picked up 11 points
09:09:42 {X_UNK_D} ES Royal Flush Nailed!! (10 points)

09:25:46 {Larry_R} Thanks Ace learned more this week than 15 yrs of spending on programs
09:30:13 {Carl_P} 23 points on NG, thanks Ace (natural gas)
09:35:34 {JoMCA} 25 points on ES so far. Thank you Mr. Ace!
09:36:03 {L6_Russell} 5  points on es
09:36:19 {J6_yeagermeister} Grabbed a Royal Flush (10 points)

  25 Emini SP Points Called
During Live Market Coverage

Tuesday, May 12th

See Ace Students Comments Below
From The Live Market Session

07:39:20 {X_LAURI} I can tell you I have been here about 3 years. in that time I had one losing day, but that was in the beginning. I no longer have losing days! The keys are the most advantagious tool you can have in your toolbelt! Much success to you all!

09:06:38 {D6-hot_hand} up $362.50 on the SnP

09:34:52 {Dr_Dale} +5 points

09:39:02 {the_goofy_trader} +10 points 2 contracts es

09:39:54 {GDay_LB_} royal flush, total 16points so far,

09:40:15 {G6_Shane} actually I have over 50 points today bec I was trading GC earlier and hit some great Keys (gold market)

09:50:56 {JoMCA} 23 points so far. Thank you Mr.Ace

09:52:43 {F6_Garland} 22 point es thanks ace

09:52:54 {Taekwon} Holy Keys , 17 points from key six 

09:52:55 {GDay_LB_} +26points today. 

  20 Emini SP Points Called
During Live Market Coverage

Monday, May 11th

See Ace Students Comments Below
From The Live Market Session

07:57:52 {X_Doc_T} My first trade of the day is an Ace Royal Flush. (10 points is a royal flush) Not a bad way to start a Monday.  

08:17:51 {I6_Owen} 6 points taking three s&p trades in the market direction. Keys are wonderful again today.

09:40:41 {J6_DEF} I got a couple more eggs

09:44:01 {J6_crawlerjoe} up a net 11 points (with 2 small stops) ES. done for the day. thanks Ace!!

10:11:41 {GDay_LB_} TangoBravo --- I trade ES the most, I havent been here long enough, but from what I see on ES the keys have worked over and over again everyday 

10:16:11 {GDay_LB_} ES +6 points  

10:16:12 {G6_Dom} 5 points for me on that one

10:17:35 {TangoBravo} Thanks Paul and Gday. It's been all ES for me until trying 6E the past few days (euro market)... which has been impressive.

10:23:23 {X_MisterD} pulled out 50 points

30 Emini SP Points Called
During Live Market Coverage

Thursday, April 23rd

See Ace Students Comments Below
From The Live Market Session

07:41:12 {X_BMT} GC (gold market) 1/2 off for 40 ticks
08:09:40 {Paul_R} that was aperfect call
08:13:33 {X_BMT} GC Gold  Key 2 target hit. 54 ticks on the runners
09:51:49 {GDay_LB_} ES sitting on a double ace so far.(10 points)

09:51:55 {Ace} Who made some off that move?
09:52:06 {Tom_ExFXTrader} up 40 pts so far. thanks Ace
09:52:19 {X_LAURI} me!
09:52:30 {Janak} me
09:52:33 {Alan} good job Tom
09:52:34 {F6_Pat} I did
09:52:37 {Wiwit} Me too
09:52:41 {jarmat} me
09:52:43 {X_BMT} Basket is overflowing with eggs
09:52:45 {X_LAURI} Worth every penny! Laughing out loud !
09:56:02 {I6_Owen} 9 points and quitting for day.  Thanks, Ace
09:56:48 {X_LAURI} 24 points
09:56:50 {Scott} 9 points
09:57:23 {X_LAURI} I'm out and Happy!
09:58:30 {GDay_LB_} ES +25pts. thank you ace

09:58:31 {ec} thanks for another winning day ACE
10:02:15 {F5_Louie} 40 points on a demo, great learning experience
10:02:57 {A7_Billy} Thanks Ace another great day
10:13:24 {BB} Thanks Ace..I've been quietly following along for a few months and made a great purchase!
10:23:05 {J6_Chad} 6E's just payed out 120 ticks on key 2 tgt, thanks for teaching the way Ace (euro market)

50 Emini SP Points Called
During Live Market Coverage

Tuesday, April 21st

See Ace Students Comments Below
From The Live Market Session

07:30:10 {TangoBravo} Amen 39 ES points. 3 contracts. 
07:43:28 {X_UNK_D} I am here because I have great key 2 targets...Laughing out loud !
07:52:39 {Dougie} I am a new member and watching for 30 days but the Ace keys work on my daily options trading as well

08:04:48 {Dougie} I'm making a nice amount with the Ace keys 

08:09:05 {A7_manbeast} ace straight es 2 lot (5 points)
08:13:34 {X_UNK_D} Another royal Flush Nailed (10 Emini S&P points)! on a reload.. 

08:30:35 {A7_Kevin_L} Excellent lesson ACE!

08:32:38 {CM} Wasted alot of money and many years on many useless programs. I thank God for the Ace team! 
08:33:43 {Carl_P} sometimes hearing you explain it live in a slightly different way is very reinforcing to me, thanks

08:33:48 {MarkR} Yep - this is amazing stuff!
08:37:14 {Steve_X} Appreciate it Ace.  Love the Buy on ES 
09:05:29 {Tom_ExFXTrader} Royal Flush on ES (10 Emini S&P points)
09:11:48 {X_UNK_D} just think if you sold CL may contract at zero.. you could have made $37K on one contract 
09:15:43 {X_Rob} 5 ES points got the straight thanks Ace!
09:47:43 {Alan} Man Ace....That was about 30 pts in 30 minutes
09:55:31 {F6_Russell} 50 points on ym busty to upside (down jones market)

Huge Live Market Gains
with a Super tight risk

Friday, April 17th

See Ace Students Comments Below
From The Live Market Session

07:32:20 {X_UNK_D} Es Royal Flush nailed!!! (10 Emini S&P points)

07:39:39 {X_Doc_T} Short off of the Ace Key. Grabbed an Ace Straight and now an Ace Royal Flush. Still trailing a 3 lot. (15 points total) 

07:45:28 {J6_Jays} I got 6.25 micro es pts .Thanks ace

07:50:30 {X_LAURI} True! Listen to Ace, watch and you will see it for yourself.

08:26:46 {H6_SteveM} 4 pts

09:37:23 {X_GB} 15 RTY points eggs in basket and flat --THANK YOU SIR

09:42:30 {Mr_Texas} I started learning trading when I was 11. 9 years later this is the best I have come across.

09:57:11 {D6_yeagermeister} 30 points ES. Thanks Ace!!!

09:57:52 {Paul_R} 42 pts on ES with a 1 runner left hell I havent had to trade over 3 contracts and thats a nice comfort zone

10:01:05 {X_Rob} 10 points today on ES thanks Ace!

65 Emini SP Points Called
During Live Market Session

Thursday, April 9th

See Ace Students Comments Below
From The Live Market Session

10:01:17 {G5_haidra} For those visiting this week, Ace's system is the best system out there.  Many of us have 20+years experience with other systems.  You can spend your time continuing to look or give Ace a 6 month try and you'll stop your search.

10:02:34 {G5_haidra} $500-$5000 days are very realistic.  Couldn't say that anywhere else 

09:30:56 {X_GB} $5000 for my grandchildren 10 pt x $50 =X 10 cont. =-=$5000

09:50:27 {X_GB} Ace as you know I been trading for a very long time and have always made money --but not like this I think this is my year 3 with you and you and the ACE Program has allowed me to double what I was making before

9:29:31 {H4_doctalmadge} Gota Ace Straight on that move up.  Nice day overall.  3 trades and 4K in the bank after commissions.  Have a great day everyone.  Oh my - my runners just achieved a royal flush.  5K now and done for the day. 

Over 60 Emini SP Points Called
During Live
Market Conditions 

Wednesday, April 8th

See Ace Students Comments Below
From The Live Market Session

07:28:36 {TangoBravo} 24 ES (bearish and bullish) points so far...
07:29:53 {X_UNK_D} Double RF (20 points)
07:48:10 {X_UNK_D} Another Royal Flush to the bucket (10 EMini S&P points)
08:05:50 {A7_manbeast} 5 points es buy  filling basket
08:06:06 {TangoBravo} $1237.50 so far.
08:06:40 {F6_Russell} 100 points on ym (dow jones)
08:30:35 {Paul_R} 70 points
08:37:59 {Paul_R} 150 on Ym total  done until after fed (dow jones)
08:39:49 {Paul_R} little over 30 days   I like it  been trading  30 yrs   I was  a sales guy at TA for 2 yrs selling there crap  and felt bad after taking peoples money  this  stuff  ace  work
08:43:13 {Paul_R} 'VERY  embarrising to say I have spent well over 100k in education over my trading carreer  and not bragging but I have traded with some of the so called best  and never found something that works like this so far
08:44:12 {Mr_Texas} I have taken about $15k worth of courses and your right paul nothing works better.
08:48:28 {Chicago_Marc} ACe, on that recent call from Key .. Demo made $250 plus..  On MES

09:41:15 {TangoBravo} 46.5 ES points and I'm calling it a day with $2,325.Have a great rest of Wednesday.

 [Live Trade] Learn Massive Market Swing Trades With A Super Small Risk

See Ace Students Comments Below
From The Live Market Session

09:46:09 {A7_Kevin_L} Very straight forward explanation of the keys - Thanks Ace!

09:47:43 {A7_Kevin_L} Still learning before trading - but watching you trade the keys give me confidence!

10:21:01 {X_UNK_D} off to the regular job with a total of 14 ES pts. Everyone have a blessed day, Thank you Ace.. God Bless

10:22:49 {16_BP} perfect

10:24:06 {16_BP} 10 points on rty

10:25:23 {X_GB} total rty 8 pts for day===big smile

10:26:09 {L6_windymen88} thank you very much for your live trade with us

10:26:49 {D6_yeagermeister} Thanks Ace! Double quotaStop overcomplicating trading.

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We keep trading simple, inside the Ace mentorship we build off these 5 steps:
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Step 3: Calculate price targets in advance to maximize positions
Step 4: Follow a trading business plan for stability
Step 5: Be patient and repeat

Turn-key Trading strategies
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The Ace methodology is made up of 9 key trading setups. These setups have been taught to traders just like yourself since 1999. But we all know the method doesn’t make the trader! It’s their habits and mindset they have around the market that makes exceptional traders.

24/7 Online Training Portal

You will get instant access to the Ace Trades program upon sing up. With 24/7 access to the members training portal, you can watch the video on your mobile or desktop. Here you will learn about the 9 key trading setups, training and retraining your eye to see high probabilities is crucial! In addition to video training, you will have 100’s of chart examples to refer to.

Live Trading Room With Ace

As you learn the Ace method through video training you will join Ace himself (a 30+ year market veteran) for one-on-one style training. This will drastically increase your learning curve and bring you to an elite level quickly! This is like a boot camp and you need to be retrained on how you view the markets giving you a winning mindset. This live training room is open 4-5 days per week for 2-3 hours. That’s right, we only work a few hours per day to find high probability trades then we are done!

Elite Group of Market Professionals

As you learn the Ace Trades method and attend the live training sessions you will be apart of an elite group of market professionals also known as the Ace Trades. You are in the club! In the live training room, other members are always posting their wins across multiple markets. In addition to Ace, this will actually help train you and keep you motivated. We always have a wide variety of topics to chat about from mindset to health to trade setups.

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You May Be Wondering...

How often will Ace Teach me?  
You will receive coaching 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through the Ace Trades members lounge. We don’t hold anything back, there is no up sell at the end of the program… you will get all the information in the course information from the first day. Then it’s a matter of following along during the live morning market sessions and learning the 9 keys of super high probabilities. If you want to learn from the best, now is your chance.
What is the signals room?  
This is where Ace members earn while they learn! This is where you will receive live morning market commentary and opportunities based on what you have learned in the member's lounge. If you just attended the Ace live webinar event then you know what to expect daily at
Do I need any Software?  
We teach you how to read a chart with pure price action, You will need a good broker and data feed for live charts… the only software required is Hotcomm for the Ace Trades Members area.
How long will it take me to learn?   
Our students are becoming confident in a very short time frame, but the system is only as good as the person using it. The discipline is always up to you, you need to be willing to learn and be dedicated to the system. We hear it all the time; the hardest part about the Ace Trades System is unlearning past systems and breaking bad habits. Once you learn the system you are independent of Ace and on your way to market mastery.
Do you teach a risk management system?  
The Ace Method is equipped with a system that will teach you how to trade multiple lots and effectively scale out to preserve capital. The method trades with a 1 point risk (also known as the floor traders probe)… Think about the risk to reward ratios offered here!
Will I learn a business plan?  
YES! Why would you trade without a plan? The Ace Trades business plan will teach you how to grow your account exponentially. The plan personally customizable to your account and margin size,  and can be used at any stage in your trading career. 
Can I use this methodology with any market?  
Absolutely all market do the exact same thing. In fact if you were to compare 10 different market products and did not have a price beside them and just observe the charts they would all look the same.
I’m new to trading, will this be a good program for me?  
Absolutely! We have had members join Ace Trades that had never traded before, it may be a bit of a learning curve but we like to keep things simple! We are always going over the information making it easy to learn. Go to and watch Norma talk about her experience at Ace Trades having no prior knowledge about the futures market.

"The Ace Trades room is very straight forward and simple. It's price based trading that I’ve never seen before.

I don’t have a lot of time to trade due to my profession but when I do, I find that I can actually make money and I more than doubled my account."
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“I’ve been in the financial industry for over 30 years, I started trading technically in 1998 in the FX market, and have been a series 3 commodity broker in the past. I haven’t had much consistency with it even though I’ve been in this business for a long time."

"I ran across the Ace Program and everything that he says makes a lot of sense.”
- Frank

"I've been with the Ace System for  4 months now. I must say it's the best system there is, I don't know anything better."

"I've been looking at the markets for 20-25 years. I've bought all the books and tried all the different methods out there, I was about to give up with it until luckily I came across Ace's System."
- Steve

"In the last week alone I've made $3,664.54 per contract. I've had better success with the Ace Method in the last month and a half than I have in previous 7 years."

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